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The Original Lapbook with Color!

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My Favorite Country Lapbook--8.00
My Favorite Country Lapbook--8.00
Item# MyFavoriteCountryLapbook

Does your child have a favorite country but gets bored with worksheets or reports? Well here is a creative hands-on tool for your child to record his or her study of any country. Booklets included are Population, Currency, Climate, Terrain, Capital, Geographical Location, Holidays and Traditions, Predominant Religion, Leader, Type of Government, Culinary Traditions, Main Crop and more! Includes a cute pocket your child can keep a special drawing of his/her country in.

This lapbook is meant to be used as a place to get creative with a “boring” book report!

First, chose your country.

Next, gather all of your information. Use books, the internet, magazines or any other supplies you may have at home.

As you read your books, use the note taking pages we have included at the back of this package. Remember to look through the lapbook to get an idea for the information that will be asked in the lapbook.

Now, have fun!!

42 pages 3 folders