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Educational and Professional quality lapbooks! All subjects and ages. We have stand-alone lapbooks and also lapbooks that go along with specific homeschooling programs. Our lapbooks can be printed on white or colored paper.

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Our graphics are colored, which make them pop when printed on white paper. They also look nice if you prefer printing on colored paper. The choice is yours. Here is a comparison of the same lapbook printed on colored paper and printed on white paper.

We also have lapbooks to supplement many popular courses, programs, and books that parents love!





***Disclaimer-All of our lapbooks that are derivatives of other works have been done with permission from that work's author or publisher. We follow the principals written and the laws created for the copyright law under the United States Constitution.

Hundreds of lapbooks for top homeschooling programs and all subject matter. Lapbooks with study guides!

So what exactly is a lapbook?

Glad you asked! Think of lapbooking as educational scrapbooking for any subject you would like. Your child records information, through drawing or writing, into fun little mini-booklets. Those mini-booklets are then glued into specially-folded file folders. We provide all the templates and all the instructions! It's easy! When complete, your child will have something to show Dad, grandparents, and friends. Every time your child shows and explains the contents in his lapbook, he will be continuing to learn the information within it and not even realize it! Lapbooks are motivating for the reluctant learner. Beats boring worksheets hands down!

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We are so excited to announce that A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks was awarded the "Best Hands-On Resource" award from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew.

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember,
let me do and I will learn. Lapbooking is a great hands-on learning tool!

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks goes the extra mile to make your lapbooking experience better than ever for you AND your student. Why?

*First and foremost-MOST of A Journey Through Learning's lapbooks come with a study guide. No need to search out the answers yourself!

*A Journey Through Learning's lapbooks are colorful and some are even colorable black and white for kids who enjoy coloring.

*A Journey Through Learning's lapbook prices beat out many competitors!

*A Journey Through Learning gives you step by step instructions on how to fold and glue your folders to make the "spine" of your lapbook.

*A Journey Through Learning gives cut-out, assembly and placement instructions all on one sheet. Other lapbooking companies put instructions, assembly, and placement in different areas which causes a lot of confusion and flipping back and forth between pages. You canít get any easier with lapbooking than A Journey Through Learning!

*A Journey Through Learning's 3-folder lapbook takes about one month to complete. However, you can expand the study portion and make it last as long as you want. That's the beauty of homeschooling. Do it YOUR way!

*Have a question or a problem? Contact us! You will get a fast and friendly answer. We WANT to make you happy!

Why use lapbooks? Because learning doesn't have to be boring! Why do lapbooks work? Because kids don't realize they're educational. Lapbooks work well for reluctant writers and learners, too!