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The Original Lapbook with Color!


Think of lapbooking as educational scrapbooking for any subject you would like. Your child records information, through drawing, dictating or writing, into nifty little mini-booklets. These mini-booklets are then glued into file folders. We provide all the mini-booklet templates, topical information we call "study guides," and all the instructions!

When complete, your child will have something to show Dad, grandparents, and friends. Every time your child shows and explains the contents in his lapbook, he will be continuing to learn the information within it and not even realize it! Lapbooks are motivating for the reluctant learner. Beats boring worksheets hands down!

You canít get any easier with lapbooking than A Journey Through Learning! We don't just say it's easy-we really mean it! Ours are!

Yes, anyone can do lapbooking! But not all lapbooking kits are created the same. Some are harder than others to figure out.

Most lapbook kits are designed so that you have all the instructions together in one place, then all the booklet templates in one place, and then all the topic information together in one place. and so on. Users tell us they feel confused by this format and their children get frustrated trying to find what they need.

Our lapbooks put a STOP to all the shuffling through paper. Users literally go page by page to do our lapbooks.

Lapbook users agree that A Journey Through Learning's lapbooks are by far the best designed on the market.

How are our lapbooks designed? You may click the image for bigger view.


Study Guide Page On the left, notice the FULL PAGE of information, not just a paragraph like you see in other lapbooks.

Template Page On the right is everything else you will need to do your lapbook. Here you will find the booklet template, assembly instructions for the booklet, and in the corner we show you where to place it in the file folder.

This is a unique format created by A Journey Through Learning. No one else creates lapbooks that are page by page, COLOR GRAPHICS, and a full page information pages!

So STOP buying lapbooks that are full of "busywork" shuffling through paper, have boring black & white graphics, and provide only a small paragraph of information.

Our design is a delight to lapbook pros, yet easy enough to give nervous newbies the courage to jump right in.

Ready to give your student a hands-on education that children thrive on? You can give it a try right NOW by using our instant download feature!

**No waiting on an email to get your file. You get the file download link on the page as soon as payment is made.

Lapbooking Supplies from A Journey Through Learning on Vimeo.

How to Create and Fold a 2-folder Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning on Vimeo.

How to Create and Fold a 3-folder lapbook from A Journey Through Learning on Vimeo.

Lapbook booklets DO NOT have to be glued into file folders. Some students prefer gluing the booklets onto cardstock. Read the following tips. Then watch the video to learn even more!

~3-hole punch sheets of cardstock and put in a 3-ring binder.

~Glue booklets onto the cardstock pages.

~You can even 3-hole punch the study guides and stick those in, too!

~There is no correct way to glue the booklets onto the cardstock. Fit them however you would like. Be creative!

BinderBuilders from A Journey Through Learning on Vimeo.

Our graphics are colored, which make them pop when printed on white paper. They also look nice if you prefer printing on colored paper. The choice is yours. Here is a comparison of the same lapbook printed on colored paper and printed on white paper.