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The Original Lapbook with Color!

See Full Color Sample Pages!

See Black and White Colorable Sample Pages!

 Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy (1st Edition) Lapbook

NOTE-This is for Astronomy 1st Edition. Please check whether you have the 1st edition textbook or the NEWER 2nd edition textbook before ordering.

Our Exploring Creation with Astronomy lapbook has one full folder of beautiful mini-booklets for EACH chapter in Mrs. Fulbright's book. It is very thorough and meaty and covers much of what Mrs. Fulbright's book covers. It even has a built-in lesson plan that tells you the pages to read each day.

At the top of each mini-booklet page are directions concerning the construction of your mini-booklet, pages to read from the Fulbright book (highlighted in bold text), and what your student will record in the mini-booklet after reading to show what is learned. A small key is also here to show you where to glue each mini-booklet into the folders.

Requires 14 file folders! Don't worry! We give you a great and simple idea for storage of the lapbooks!


Answer Key

All Mini-booklets

Lesson Plan

Website and Book Suggestions

Super Easy Lapbook Instructions-Our directions and placement key are on the SAME page as the mini-booklet, unlike other Apologia lapbooks that have instructions in one section of the lapbook and the assembly guide in another section of the lapbook, and the mini-booklets in another section. Very confusing and causes parents to have to do a lot of searching back and forth to assemble the lapbook.

See Sample Pages above to see the ease of using our lapbooks!

Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy Vocabulary Cards
There are cards for every lesson in the Apologia/Jeannie Fulbright book. Each lesson includes cards with a vocabulary word and a card with its matching definition. Your child matches the two cards to learn, practice, and review vocabulary.

-Our cards do not have frustrating, complicated printing directions that have to be followed carefully to get them to print correctly. For our cards, just hit print!

-Extra blank cards are in the back for vocabulary words you may want to add.

-These cards DO NOT have to be put in lapbook form. We give non-lapbook ideas further down the page.

-You have the option of constructing a two-folder lapbook (directions included) and using the templates we have provided to make pockets for card storage that will be glued in the lapbook.

-Our cards can be printed on white or colored paper.

-Our cards are color coded by lesson to help your child keep them organized. Each card also has the lesson number and page from the book where the vocabulary word is found.

Other non-lapbook ideas:

-Zip-lock bags- Label each bag with the lesson number and store that lessonís cards in the bag.

-Three-ring Binder- Glue the pockets on card stock paper. Then put the card stock pages in a three-ring binder.

-Spiral Notebook-Glue the pockets in a spiral notebook instead of in a lapbook.

-Index Card Box-Store the cards by lesson inside an index card box. Most office supply stores have dividers that can be labeled and put into this type of box.

-Scrapbook-The cards can be stored in a scrapbook made especially for this science study. Use either the pocket template we provided or glue envelopes on the scrapbooking pages to slide cards into.

63 pages