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Astronomy and Space Unit Study with Study Guide--4.50
Astronomy and Space Unit Study with Study Guide--4.50
Item# AstronomyUnitStudy

Space-there's nothing like it! All kids love to study about that vast area of planets, stars and the moon! Why not do it in a fun way! What makes a planet a planet?, What exactly is the Solar System?, What makes day and night?, Just how large is the Universe and what does it contain?, Do you know how many stars you can see at a time?, Do stars really twinkle?, Do stars go away during the daytime?, Do you know what it takes to become an astronaut?, And more!!

What do comets have that we can see?, What are asteroids made of?, Why is the moon lopsided?, Who were the astronauts that went to the moon?, What is the telescope that circles the Earth?, What was that light you saw soar across the sky?, Are rockets more powerful than a car?, What are the phases of the moon? Would you like to learn about each individual planet?, Why isn't Pluto considered a planet anymore?

Learn the answers to these questions and lots more! Comes with a study guide to assist in research.

See sample pages above. Also, check out our Astronomy and Space Lapbook!

76 pages