An Overview of the 19th Century Copywork (cursive letters)


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An Overview of the 19th Century Copywork is full of interesting information from all the topics covered in our Overview of the 19th Century Unit Study and Overview of the 19th Century Lapbook. (both sold separately) Your child will copy famous speeches, quotes, historical documents and newsworthy happenings while at the same time reinforcing spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.

Copywork is important because it develops a love for reading, writing, and learning. When completed, your child will have a wonderful running diary in his own handwriting of how people lived back in time.

Topics are: Reconstruction, Louisiana Purchase, Slavery, War of 1812, Missouri Compromise, Underground Railroad, Mexican-American War, Trail of Tears, Manifest Destiny, Industrial Revolution, Oregon Trail, Gold Rush, Abraham Lincoln, Civil War, Confederates, Union, The Railroad, Coming to America, Indian Wars, School in the 1800's.

28 pages

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