An Overview of the 17th Century Copywork (printed letters)


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An Overview of the 17th Century Copywork is full of interesting information from all the topics covered in our Overview of the 17th Century Unit Study and Overview of the 17th Century Lapbook. (both sold separately) Your child will copy famous speeches, quotes, historical documents and newsworthy happenings while at the same time reinforcing spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.

Topics include:

Native Americans-The First Americans, 
Who was King James?,
Who were the Puritans?
Who were the Separatists?,
The Pilgrims Come to America-Jamestown, 
Capt. John Smith Saves Jamestown,
Pocahontas-Indian Princess, 
The Puritans Come to America-Mayflower Journey, 
The First Laws-Mayflower Compact, 
Squanto Helps the New Settlers, 
First Thanksgiving-Celebrating the First Year,
Pequot War-Settlers and Indians Fighting, 
The Quakers Come to America, 
William Penn Settles Pennsylvania, 
The Tragedy of Salem Witch Trials, 
The Thirteen Colonies 
and more!.

28 pages

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