Type-It In Lapbooks

What is Type-It-In?

Do you love the idea of lapbooks and scrapbooks but don’t like the mess? Does your child have problems writing in small lapbook booklets? If so, then welcome to a different way to do lapbooks! We have made them so that your child can type in the answers!

How do I receive the file?

You will receive a zipped file containing numerous pages in jpeg format. We will send it to you after you order. Please be patient as we may not see that you ordered until the next day.

How do I open it?

You will need a program to unzip them. WinZip is what we use but any unzipping program will work. You will open each page independently. This will make it easy to pick and choose which pages to work on.

 After you unzip your file, you will need to decide on the editing program you are going to use. The following are all jpeg compatible programs but you are not limited to just these.

Microsoft Word—some have had trouble with this as it may limit customization possibilities.

Microsoft Publisher

Photoshop Elements

Gimp-free online

Paint.net-Free online

Paint –Comes as an accessory on most computers.

You must save as, with this program. Open your program of choice. Then copy and paste or open the file in the program you have chosen. How you do this depends on your computer system and software. You may need to play around a bit until you find what works best for you. We can not offer technical support so please try out a sample page before you order.



 Can I print my finished work?

Yes, your pages will be printable. Then you can cut out your booklets, fold them, and glue them into file folders any way you would like.

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