American History for the Young Child Book 3 Supplements


Covers 1865-2000
What fun! An incredibly rich smorgasbord of activities has been written for children on the topic of American history! From the Wild West to World War II...from the Wright Brothers to the Vietnam War...from the Arctic explorers to the heartbreak of September 11...your child will be introduced to the dramatic people and events of our recent history.

We have three different supplements that can be used with the TruthQuest History of the Young Child Book 1 textbook. We do not sell the TruthQuest textbooks, but they can be found easily doing a Google search or going straight to TruthQuest's webstore. What we do create and sell are the following supplements:

1. Binder-Builder Lapbook- See Sample Pages

2. Maps,Timelines, and Reports Pages- See Sample Pages

3. Notebooking Pages- See Sample Pages


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