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Ocean Animals Lapbook with Study Guide

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Learn all about animals that live in the ocean with this lapbook and study guide. No need to do your own research. We have done it all for you.

Topics include:
Welcome to the Ocean
My K-W-L Cards
Animals that Live Right by the Ocean
What is Coral Reef?
What Predators Live in the Coral Reef?
What is a Jellyfish and Does it Sting?
What is a Sea Turtle and How Many Times Can it Cross an Ocean?
What is a Dolphin and is it really Intelligent?
What is a Squid and is it really of a Monstrous Size?
What is a Squid and how does it use its Sword?
What is a Marlin and does it really Weigh a Ton?
What is a Manta Ray and will it really come to Greet You?
What is a Wahoo and can it Swim as Fast as a Car can Go?
My Ocean Animal Cards
What is a Killer Whale and will it really Kill You?
What is a Humpback Whale and does it have Fingerprints Similar to Humans?
What is a Black Tip Reef Shark and where are its Black Tips?
What is my Favorite Ocean Animal?
The Oddest Ocean Animal I Learned About!
A Book That I have Read about Ocean Animals!
60 pages 
Requires 3 file folders


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