Elements of Literature Lapbook (no study guide)


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This lapbook provides a hands-on place for your student to record information about the elements of literature! Booklets include Theme, Point of View, Protagonist, Antagonist, Climax, Plot, Conflict Major and Minor Characters, Setting, Resolution, and much more.

Your student can use this lapbook in one of three ways.

1- By defining the meaning each element of literature, or

2- Relate each element of literature to a book/novel, etc. that has been read. Let's take the "characters" mini-booklet. Instead of defining what characters mean in literature, list the characters from the book that was read.

3. Do a combination of both 1 and 2! Write the meanings AND answer each element according to a book that has been read. 

Requires 2 file folders

Lapbook contains NO study guide.


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