Jeannie Fulbright/Apologia Lapbooks (large)

Large 12-14 folders big! (This many folders is managed by gluing two folders together and storing in a 3-ring binder.) Available in your choice of full color graphics or black & white color book graphics for your child to color! The full color version does have SOME colorable graphics if you have a child that likes to color just a little. Comes with an answer key to all the questions on the mini-booklets. (except the open-ended questions, which ask for your child's opinion). No searching through or reading the pages in the book to find answers.

Apologia Science textbooks, written by Jeannie Fulbright, are hands-down the favorite choice for teaching science among homeschooling moms. To make this textbook even more educational, we've added a hands-on component specifically made for each textbook called lapbooks. Your child will read small parts of the textbook at a time and then have a creative, educational, hands-on activity after the reading that will help cement the information learned and put it into long-term memory. Your child will be able to draw upon this long-term information as he/she advances into higher-level work.

We also have smaller 3-folders Apologia lapbooks!

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