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An Overview of the 20th Century Lapbook with Study Guide


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From horse and buggy to high-powered cars and air born transportation, the 20th century is just bubbling with excitement. It was a time of U.S. involvement in several major wars. We have gone from a time of great depression to a time of excessiveness and leisure. Men have walked on the moon and computers have become a necessary way of life.

Our Overview of the 20th Century lapbook is designed to take your child from the beginning of the century through the end. Each booklet in the lapbook has a complete information page that provides lots of useful and interesting information about the topic being studied. The lapbook booklets and information pages include lots of graphics of events and people.

Includes directions on how to construct your file folders into a lapbook, how to put together each booklet and where to put them in your lapbook. This lapbook is 3 folders big!

Topics include:

Henry Ford

Panama Canal


Wright Brothers

World War 1

Charles Lindbergh

Roaring 20's

Great Depression

Hoover Dam

World War 2


Life in the 50's

The Cold War

Civil Rights

First Man on the Moon

John F. Kennedy

Vietnam War

Persian Gulf War


20th Century Technology

Requires 3 folders

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