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Age of Revolution Book 1 Supplements Made for TruthQuest History


Covers US/Europe, 1600-1800

The big ideas of the previous two centuries (during the Renaissance & Reformation) fomented upheaval for society during the 1600s: the Puritan Revolution and Glorious Revolution in England and Scotland, the Thirty Years' War in Central Europe, religious struggles in France, the work of Peter the Great in Russia, and the Scientific Revolution throughout Europe, for example. Even art and music underwent many changes.

We have two different supplements that can be used with the TruthQuest Age of Revolution Book 1 textbook. We do not sell the TruthQuest textbooks, but they can be found easily doing a Google search or going straight to TruthQuest's webstore. What we do create and sell are the following supplements:

1. Binder-Builder Lapbook- See Sample Pages

2. Notebooking Pages- See Sample Pages


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