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Wright on Time-Utah Book 2 Lapbook Instant Download-$4.50
Wright on Time-Utah Book 2 Lapbook Instant Download-$4.50
Item# wright-on-time-utah

Wright On Time is a wonderful and entertaining adventure book for kids. This book is written with the homeschooling family in mind. The book is filled with fun information while at the same time promoting family love, respect and support. The book is the second in a long series to be written by homeschooling mom Lisa. Each book will cover a different state that the Wright family will visit on their homeschooling adventures! This trip takes them to Utah for a dinosaur dig!

Our “Wright on Time” lapbook is designed to go right along with this fascinating book. Each chapter in the book has a corresponding booklet for your child to do in the lapbook. (Some chapters will have several booklets). Simply read the text from the book, go to the booklet that goes with it and complete the booklet.

We have also included a “Flat Aidan” and “Flat Nadia” for your child to cut out and color. These are like “Flat Stanley.” ( go here to see how a Flat Stanley works- They can then be laminated and glued to cardstock. Then you child can use them to act out their adventures.

Explore the wonderful state of Utah, learn about dinosaurs, roam the desert and so much more!

2 folders

Book sold separately.