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Summer Olympics 2016 Lapbook with Study Guide
Summer Olympics 2016 Lapbook with Study Guide
Item# 2016Olympics

The ancient Olympic Games were first introduced in 776 BC. In these games, representatives from various city-states across ancient Greece got together to compete in athletic games, such as running, discus-throwing and the long-jump.

Fast forward to today-2016! The 2016 Summer Olympic games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The games will begin on August 5, 2016 and end on August 21, 2016 at Maracană Stadium.

Your student will create a 3-folder colorful lapbook with 31 booklets. Comes with the booklet templates and all the reading material (we call them study guides) your student needs to fill out the info in each booklet! Print as many as you need for those in your own home.

Here is how the lapbook is arranged.

Folder 1-Covers Greece and also the Ancient Olympics

Ancient Olympic Games Timeline

Who Were the Ancient Greeks?

How Did the Ancient Olympics Begin?

Where Were the First Ancient Olympics Held?

What Were the Prizes for the Ancient Olympics Winners?

What was the Ancient Olympic Stadium Like?

Ancient Olympic Coloring Pictures

Folder 2- Covers the 2016 Summer Olympics and Brazil

The 2016 Summer Olympic Symbols and Mascots

The 2016 Summer Olympic Events and Dates-Know When to Watch!!

The 2016 Summer Olympic Torch Relay

All About the Olympic Medals-Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Facts about Brazil- Host Country of the 2016 Summer Olympics

2016 Olympic Word Search

Folder 3- Record the gold medal winners!

Explanation of Several Summer Olympic Events

Record the Gold Medal Winners- A whole folder dedicated to the BEST of the BEST!

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