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Requirements to be President FREEBIE
Requirements to be President FREEBIE
Item# president

This freebie is taken from our Government and Election Lapbook- Grades 2-5.

It includes 1 study guide reading page entitled "Requirements to be President." It also includes 2 lapbooking booklets for your child to cut out and construct. You will also find sentence strips to be cut out to be used with the booklets.

After constructing the booklets, glue them into a file folder or on heavy paper.

Next, your child reads the study guide about the President. After this reading, your child takes a sentence strip and decides if it is a requirement to be President. If the answer is yes then the strip is put inside the YES pocket. If no, put strip inside the NO pocket.

This is a hands-on way for your child to learn what the requirements are to run for President.