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Renaissance Lapbook with Study Guide--8.00
Renaissance Lapbook with Study Guide--8.00
Item# Renaissance

Written by Michelle Miller, author of TruthQuest History! Michelle takes your student on an exciting tour of the Renaissance period teaching about Renaissance explorers, artists, architecture, wars and battles, clothing, food, games, sports, and more.

This study is Christian based and explores the strengths and weaknesses of the Renaissance period and intertwines within the topics the error of humanistic thinking and its destructive force on people and society, then and even now.

Perfect for the student seeking a Godly overview of the Renaissance period. Please see the sample pages up above.

Titles of Study Guides are:

What was the Renaissance?

What was Life Like?

Explorations during the Renaissance

Wars and Battles


Art and Artists


Education and Science

Fair, Fun, and Food

Final Thoughts

Requires 2 folders. 47 pages