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Book of Proverbs Cursive Style 1--4.50
Book of Proverbs Cursive Style 1--4.50
Item# ProverbsCursive

Why Study Proverbs?
In Proverbs, known as wisdom literature, we find two common ways that wisdom is expressed: the saying and the instruction. Most of the sayings are just one verse long. These sayings are not laws but sound advice to use in every day living. Some verses contain directions in the way we should live while others contain directions in how we should not live. This book does not speak a lot about God but emphasizes a respect for God through respect and knowledge. Its teaching are for everyone!

Encourage your child to first read the proverb by looking it up in the Bible. Discuss its meaning together. Then have your child write the verse in his/her best handwriting in this book.

41 pages

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