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Mother's Memories Lapbook (for moms!) (does not come with a study guide)4.50
Mother's Memories Lapbook (for moms!) (does not come with a study guide)4.50
Item# MothersLapbook

Just like you, we too, are mothers. We have chosen the journey to teach, lead and guide our children in everything that they do.

Certainly, we want to be an intimate part of our childrenís lives but we have to ask ourselves-do our children really know us? What were our childhood dreams, who were our best friends, how much did we weigh at birth, and how did we meet their dad?

It is our prayer that our Mother's Memories Lapbook will allow you to give a little bit of yourself to your child. It is to be completed and given to your child to have as a keepsake. How much fun it would be to work on your lapbooks together if your child is in the process of doing a lapbook too! Topics include: A Letter to my Child, Your Family Tree, Your Mom and Dad (child's grandparents), Growing Up (birth, school, college), Your Childhood Pets, Your Best Friends, Your Favorite Childhood Memories, Your Siblings, Your Favorite Books, Songs, Movies, Your Family Recipes, How You Met your Child's Father, Your Wedding Day, When You Were First Married (first house, first car, etc.) Origin of your Maiden Name, Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Child. Our "No Hassle" lapbook instructions are color-coded to make it easy to assemble! *Please note: Does not come with a study guide.

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