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TruthQuest Middle Ages Notebooking Pages
TruthQuest Middle Ages Notebooking Pages
Item# MANotebooking

Our Notebooking Pages are another way that your child can record learned information. You will find a notebooking page for most of the topics in the program. Simply read about the topic of study, then have your child retell what they have learned on the page. Once the notebook is completed, your child will then be able to share his/her new-found knowledge with dad, grandparents, or even themselves in a creative and fun way. The notebooks also become a great way to look back over the year to see how your child has grown in language usage, penmanship, and creativity. (Recommended for grades 5 and up).

Middle Ages (500-1400) by TruthQuest History is required to do these Notebooking Pages.

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