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Mary Elizabeth: Welcome to America Lapbook (book 1)

Mary Elizabeth: Welcome to America Lapbook (book 1)
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What is the Eleanor series?

The Eleanor Series is a historically accurate collection of books for girls which will instill faith, vision, and values. The stories, which span several generations, offer a heritage of faith to young readers, and point them in the direction of a lasting legacy. Wisdom, culture, and historical truths are woven throughout, with a subtle musical thread.

Twenty-first century readers are sure to relate to these amazing stories of young women from American history who have faced and overcome obstacles with the help of the Lord. Modern parents will be blessed as their daughters learn countless lessons from the pages of each book.

This 2 folder lapbook is especially made to go along with the book Mary Elizabeth-Welcome to America, Book 1 of the Eleanor series written by Eleanor Clark. This purchase is for the lapbook only. Book sold separately at, Amazon, or

About the book

Mary Elizabeth-Welcome to America is set in the early 1600's and centers around a family that immigrates to America from Wales.

Eleven-year-old Jennifer Jean thinks she's a little to old for a "dress up" tea party at her grandmother's house with her younger cousins, particularly in light of the fact that so many things are going wrong in her life. However, when Grand Doll opens up and shares an amazing story from her family's past about a little girl named Mary Elizabeth, (who came to American during the 1600's from Wales) Jennifer discovers that she can, indeed, persevere through her many hardships.

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