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Death and Resurrection of a King Lapbook with Study Guide-8.00
Death and Resurrection of a King Lapbook with Study Guide-8.00
Item# DeathofaKingLapbook

What happened to Jesus 2000 years ago? Was it prophesied that He would die? Who was Jesus and what was His ministry? This lapbook starts with why Jesus was here on earth, goes through the betrayal of Judas, Jesus' arrest, Pontius Pilate, Jesus praying in the Garden of Getheseme, The Last Supper, what happened when Jesus was on His way to his crucifixion, Jesus' crucifixion, body preparation back in Jesus' time, and then Jesus' resurrection. Very informative, includes scriptures and further explanation of people and places mentioned in the scriptures. This study is sequential so your child will have a good grasp of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection when completed!

Our lapbooks come with a study guide for every booklet. We have also included an easy to follow assembly instructions for your lapbook. Check out our "Parables of a King" Copywork that goes along with this lapbook!

****This study DOES cover body preparation back in the time of Jesus. It is not graphic but may be unsettling for certain students. Mostly covers how bodies were wrapped in linens and covered with herbs and spices to mask the odor of decay.

Requires 3 folders

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