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The Original Lapbook with Color!

Holy Cow Science Fair Kits Lapbooks

Holy Cow Science Fair Kits Lapbooks

You've been assigned a Science Fair project!

What topic are you going to choose?

How do you get started?

What data will you collect?

How do you draw conclusions?

What will you graph?


Don't panic! Holy Cow Science offers science project kits with step-by-step instructions that lead to success, fun, and learning. These kits save time by including materials needed for each experiment. No more endless trips to the store for supplies. Spend your time on the fun experiment.

Our lapbooks are made exclusively for the Holy Cow Science Fair Kits. The lapbook for each kit is a way to keep a written record (and keepsake) of the experiments from Holy Cow. We DO NOT sell the kits. We ONLY sell the lapbooks. You will need a kit for the lapbook. Buy your choice of Holy Cow lapbook here and then go to to buy the corresponding kit!