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Fall Fun Research Express Lapbook
Fall Fun Research Express Lapbook
Item# FallFunResearch

This is a research lapbook, therefore no study guides are provided. Because web links tend to come and go almost daily, we provide few to no internet links. These topics are very easy for your child to research with your guidance. Some of the information asked for is open-ended, while other booklets require specific responses. Research skills are important because they enable students to verbalize thinking, discuss ideas and concepts, and gain confidence in finding their own answers and solutions.

Many young students quite naturally find research boring, yet it is an essential skill for academic success. This is where the benefit of a lapbook format comes in. A lapbook allows the student to be creative and gives him something to manipulate with his hands. Manipulatives often peak a studentís interest in a subject, increase understanding of abstract concepts, and improve overall achievement.

We are confident your student will grow academically in all areas by utilizing our research lapbook in your school.

Topics include:

What is Fall?

Why Do Leaves Change?

Migrating Birds

Symbols of Fall



The Autumnal Equinox

25 pages

Requires 1 folder