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Exploring Canada Creative Words Story Starters 8.00
Exploring Canada Creative Words Story Starters 8.00
Item# CanadaStoryStarters

Do your children “balk” at the thought of writing paragraphs? Do they dislike writing or coming up with something to write about? A Journey Through Learning has come up with a great solution-Creative Words Story Starters! We will give your child a list of words to help get their “creative” juices flowing. Many times it is not that your child can not write it is that they don’t know what to write about. Also, many kids struggle with the spelling of new words. This, too, can slow down or even discourage them from writing. Using our cards takes away that fear!

So, how do you use Creative Words Story Starters? On each card, let your child draw a picture or glue a picture in the box to represent the word on the card. On the lines, define the word. This is a great way to learn how to use a dictionary and a thesaurus. Now, they have a visual of the word and the meaning of the word. To take this step even further, let them use the cards as a “story board” to lay out their story before actually having to write it down on paper. This gives them more confidence in their ability to be able to write an entire paper. Children can get overwhelmed very easily. Breaking this down into cards that they can use just seems like a very natural step.

Next, they can use the “Amazing Adjective” booklet to write down words that describe the words they will use in their story. This booklet needs to be laminated so that it can be used over and over! Laminating with clear contact paper or with a page protector will also work if a laminating machine is not handy.

Once they have the Creative Words Story Starters and listed their amazing adjectives, they can then use the decorative notebooking pages to write their story. Each topic has three notebooking pages.

Using these easy tools, your child will be writing wonderful stories in no time!

Fold your file folder according to the directions on the next page. Make your pockets and glue them into a file folder. Store your cards in the pockets when not using. You may also glue your pockets in a notebook instead of a file folder. We have included a placement key for the pockets so that you will know where to glue them in your folder. If you don’t want to use the pockets, that’s okay. Store the cards in baggies, making sure to label each baggie. See sample pages above.

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