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Eleanor Jo: A Farmer's Daughter Lapbook (book 5)

Eleanor Jo: A Farmer's Daughter Lapbook (book 5)
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What is the Eleanor series?

The Eleanor Series is a historically accurate collection of books for girls which will instill faith, vision, and values. The stories, which span several generations, offer a heritage of faith to young readers, and point them in the direction of a lasting legacy. Wisdom, culture, and historical truths are woven throughout, with a subtle musical thread.

Twenty-first century readers are sure to relate to these amazing stories of young women from American history who have faced and overcome obstacles with the help of the Lord. Modern parents will be blessed as their daughters learn countless lessons from the pages of each book.

This 2 folder lapbook is especially made to go along with the book Eleanor Jo-The Farmer's Daughter, book 5 of the Eleanor series written by Eleanor Clark. This purchase is for the lapbook only. Book sold separately at, Amazon, or

About the book

Rachel Ann is having a hard time balancing her schoolwork, basketball, and chores. She loves everything she is doing but is discouraged about being so busy. Her grandmother, Eleanor Jo, shares her own childhood story of how balancing work and play was even tougher during World War II. Through hearing her grandmother’s real-life story, Rachel Ann discovers that she can work hard and still have plenty of time to enjoy life. For little Eleanor Jo, every day on the farm was the same. Each morning, her father would wake her up with a song, and each day, she faced hard work, with countless chores to be done in addition to keeping up with schoolwork. Times were difficult, but when World War II came, Eleanor Jo had to face many new challenges. One of those challenges was doing her part for the “war effort.” Join Eleanor Jo as she learns from watching her parents’ love of life that hard work can also be fun and that as Christians, we are called by God to work hard and never give up.

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