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The Eleanor Series

About The Eleanor Series

Eleanor Clark conceived the idea for The Eleanor Series while researching her familyís rich American history. Motivated by her family lineage, which had been traced back to the early 17th century, a God-ordained idea emerged: the legacy left by her ancestorís provided the perfect tool to reach todayís children with the timeless truths of patriotism, godly character, and miracles of faith.

Through her own familyís stories, she instills in children a love of God and country, along with a passion for history. With that in mind, she set out to craft this collection of novels for the youth of today. Each story in the Eleanor Series focuses on a particular character trait, and is laced with the pioneering spirit of one of Eleanorís true-to-life family members.

These captivating stories span generations, are historically accurate, and highlight the nationís Christian heritage of faith. Twenty-first century readersóboth children and parentsóare sure to relate to these amazing character-building stories of young Americanís while learning Christian values and American history.

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