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Dinosaurs Lapbook with Study Guide-8.00
Dinosaurs Lapbook with Study Guide-8.00
Item# DinosaursLapbook

Dinosaurs! They are so exciting to learn about yet there are few Christian based resources available about dinosaurs. This lapbook and study guide from A Journey Through Learning does not mention millions of years, evolution or that man and dinosaur did not live together. Topics include:How Many Dinosaur Species are There?, How are Dinosaurs Named?, Which Dinosaur is the Biggest?, Which Dinosaur is the Smallest?, What was the Speed of Dinosaurs?, Were they Social Creatures?, Did they Communicate? What is a Reptile?, Where did Dinosaurs Live?, What is an Herbivore? A Carnivore?, What are the 5 Suborders of Dinosaurs?, What are Sauropods, What are Theropods?, What are Ornithopods?, What are Thyreopods?, What are Marginocephalias?, Dinosaur Coloring Cards, What Happened to the Dinosaurs and more!

A study guide complete with pictures has been included that provides all the research and answers you will need to fill out the booklets in your lapbook. We also have an easy-to use, color-coded layout of how to put your lapbook together and where to place the booklets.

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