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Orchestra Express (Quick) Lapbook 1.00!Exploring Canada Lapbook for Foundations--8.00Exploring South America for Foundations--8.00
Exploring American Indians Lapbook for Foundations--8.00Exploring Canada Creative Words Story Starters 8.00Exploring American Indians Creative Words Story Starters 8.00
Exploring Africa Lapbook for Foundations--8.00Exploring Africa Words Creative Story Starters -8.00Exploring Ancient Egypt Lapbook for Foundations--8.00
Ancient Egypt Lapbook with Study Guide--8.00Fine Arts Cycle 2 Lapbook for Foundations--8.00The Old Testament Lapbook for Foundations --8.00
Classification Lapbook with Study Guide for Foundations--8.00Exploring Ancient Greece Lapbook for Foundations --8.00Ancient Greece Lapbook with Study Guide-8.00
Exploring Ancient Rome Lapbook for Foundations --8.00Ancient Rome Lapbook with Study Guide --8.00Exploring Ancient China Lapbook for Foundations--8.00
Kingdom Animalia (Vertebrates and Invertebrates) Lapbook with Study Guide -8.00Fish (Vertebrates) Lapbook for Foundations--8.00Mammals Lapbook with Study Guide--8.00
Birds Lapbook With Study Guide for Foundations--8.00Reptiles Lapbook with Study Guide for Foundations--8.00Amphibians Lapbook for Foundations--8.00
Plants Lapbook for Foundations--8.00The Earth Lapbook for Foundations--8.00Exploring Mesopatamia Lapbook for Foundations--8.00
60 Easy To Assemble Lapbook Templates (write-it-in)-8.00Exploring Mesoamerica Lapbook for Foundations--8.00Volcanoes Lapbook for Foundations--8.00
Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Learning Activity Book Weeks 1-24