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American Indians Lapbook with Study Guide--8.00
American Indians Lapbook with Study Guide--8.00
Item# americanindianslapbook

Learn the rich and interesting history of the American Indians with our American Indians Lapbook with Study Guide. In this American Indians Lapbook your child will learn about the different regions the Native Americans lived in, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Squanto, Lewis and Clark, Pocahontas, Caddo tribe, Sioux tribe, Cherokee tribe, Apache tribe and many more tribes. Also learn about the sad story of the Trail of Tears. Each booklet in the lapbook comes with a study guide page written at a child's level with all the answers to fill out the booklet. We also have included an easy to follow assembly guide to make putting your lapbook together easy. Very colorful and hands-on!

Requires 3 folders

Check out our "American Indians" Copywork that goes along with this lapbook!

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