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The Original Lapbook with Color!

American History for Young Students I

Covers Exploration -1800

What fun! An incredibly rich smorgasbord of activities has been written for children on the topic of American history! And youngsters are so anxious to meet Pocahontas and the Pilgrims, cowboys and Indians, George Washington and Daniel Boone!

Yet, children of this age seek the meaning of American history too. Usually, they are just presented with a few famous people and events, but TruthQuest History includes commentary which subtly presents the thread of God's hand in American history in a much deeper and broader exploration of our past.

Each of the resources below are meant to be used with the book American History for Young Students I (Exploration-1800) by TruthQuest History.

Below you see 3 resources for TruthQuest History. The corresponding TruthQuest book is sold separately and may be purchased through the affiliate image here.