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The 2010 Census Lapbook with Study Guide
The 2010 Census Lapbook with Study Guide
Item# CensusLapbook

It's Census time again!
Every 10 years, every household in America receives a form in the mail with 10 questions to answer and mail back. Don't miss this opportunity to teach your child about this very important time. Your child will be 10 years older by the time the next census comes around and a wonderful teaching moment may be missed!

This study guide is written so that your child will understand. Learn what the purpose of the census is, the first census, census data from your child's own state, privacy concerning info gathered during a census, gathering information from the past, the history of the census, who started it and why, vocabulary and more! A little bit of internet usage will be required to complete this study.

This lapbook has 42 pages and is 2 folders big! See sample pages above.

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